What are my options if I'm pregnant?

Parent — There are many resources for those who choose to parent.  We offer the Parent Empowerment Program to prospective and new parents that includes live classes, individual counseling sessions, and educational videos.  This program allows you to earn points towards the supplies (diapers and toiletries) and equipment (cribs, strollers, carriers) you will need to take care of your baby.  We also network with many other agencies that can meet a variety of needs. If we don’t offer what you need, we will try to find a place that does.

Adoption — Adoption is often viewed as “giving up one’s child” yet it is the ultimate act of a loving parent. It is choosing to do what is best for the child over oneself.  Adoption involves a wide range of services and can be tailored to the needs and wishes of the birth parents.  Adoption is not what it used to be-  a birth parent knew nothing about the adoptive parents or the life of the child after their adoption.  In today’s world, a birth parent has the right to meet and choose the adoptive family that is best for their child.  The birth parents also have the right to set up ongoing communication with the adoptive family so that they can see how their decision has played out through pictures, letters, and in some cases, personal visits.  All decisions and legal documents are finalized AFTER the birth so that you make the best, most informed choice for you and your family.

Abortion — Abortion is a legal choice through 24 weeks of gestation.  Abortion is a medical procedure that carries with it health risks.  Often, those who choose abortion feel an initial sense of relief to not be pregnant but will then experience regret and doubt months later.  Abortion is not a simple procedure and anyone considering this medical procedure should take the time to weigh the risks and benefits before a decision is made.  

Regardless of the choice you make, you can never go back to life as it was before you became pregnant.  You have a right to take the time to gather the information you need to make the most informed, best decision for you and your future.  You are not alone.  We are here to help.  No judgment.  No preaching.  Just support in a compassionate, caring environment.


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